Amazing home for the clever farmer

  Once upon a time there was a beautiful village. Ramalingam, a 25-year-old farmer, lived there. He knows farming but does not own any land. He had no home to stay. Then came the desire to marry Ramalingam. But he considered how to marry us who were homeless to sleep. Ramalingam then went to a different village and decided to pursue a career in farming. After two days of travel, Ramalingam reached Sripuram. On the way into the town, he saw a dilapidated well and a land not farmed.

After inquiring about the land, some people in the town revealed that the land belonged to Zamindar. So Ramalingam looked at the zamindar of Sripuram town and decided to lease his land and survive on the farm. When I asked the zamindar to lease the land, sir, I will survive. He said that there were two ghosts in a nearby well of color and that the ghosts were scaring away those who were letting the land be farmed. And he told the farmers that they would write half of the land on the land. Ramalingam sir, I am working on it. Trust me and give me the land one day. Zamindar, like Ramanuja’s wish, granted permission to cultivate the land.
Ramalingam first ate good food at his house and went to see the land at night. Two ghosts came from a dilapidated well while sitting under a tree. But Ramalingam said it was not afraid of the two ghosts, but with a stick in his hand. The two demons talk among themselves, and this does not scare us what we do. It was saying we could do nothing. Then the two ghosts saw Ramalingam and said, “Tell us who is the most talented.” But Ramalingam do not want any of your old stories. Do what I say before my eyes. Ramalingam gave a job to the two ghosts separately.
The first ghost told him to build a house in the barren land. He also said that the house should be completed before the end of the night. The second bikku ran the wall around the house and told her to plant a variety of plants. The two ghosts began to see their work separately, as Ramalingam said. First of all, after completing the house, I told Ramalingam that I was a talented demon. Ramalingam, I have nothing to call you a talented demon. But if I call you a talented demon, that second ghost will kill me. He asked how I could survive. The first ghost gave Ramalingam a plant in his hand. The idea was that if you take this and tie it in your hand and put the rest of the plant on fire, the ghost will be destroyed immediately. Well, come tomorrow, I will tell you the favor, Ramalingam sent the first big message. The second ghost has finished his job and told Ramalingam to tell me you are a talented demon. As Ramalingam told the first ghost, the second ghost showed a flag and put the flame on the flames. Ramalingam also sent the second ghost saying that you are a talented demon.
The next day, Ramalingam was burning under a nearby tree for the arrival of the two spirits. Then the two spirits asked Ramalingam, who among us is the word for the talented spirit. Ramalingam and the two monsters, saying to come a little closer, put the flag on the fire and smoke. The smoke disappeared without knowing where the two ghosts were. Seeing this ingenuity of Ramalingam, the zamindar wrote the land to Ramalingam. Ramalingam was married and living in the house where the ghosts were haunted.

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