Clever thieves – Moral Story

Gajapati was a pundit living in a beautiful village. He was very simple and easy to make. And because he was in poverty, he asked the zamindar of the town to help him. Zamindar had mercy on Gajapati and gave him a green leaf. And the pundit was going home with the joy of Gajapati Greenwood. Two thieves then saw Ghazapati in his arms. Immediately, the two thieves see him as a mocker. So they somehow tricked him and made a plan to rob him of his greenery. The two thieves thought for a while and put together a plan to deceive Gajapati.
One of the thieves, walking near Ganpati, tied the rope around the cow’s neck and put it on his neck. Another thief drove the cow to the other side. Gajapati walked a little farther than the thief was going to the cow. Then the thief grabbed the rope around his neck and pulled it twice. Gajapati looked back to see what the cow was doing. The only surprise for Gajapati. Gajapati saw a man with a cotton body in the place where the cow should be. Then he asked him, “What are you doing here?” I have been in the curse for many days. You have given me a curse. My gratitude to you, Swami, the thief said.
Gajapati, how did I curse you? It’s not like you can believe it. Thief or Sammy I was a very childish child. Then I snapped a sage’s penance while playing. So the sage has given me the curse that you should be green all your life. And then when I pleaded, the thief told the pundits that the sage said that if someone buys you a good pundit, you will get a curse. It’s okay even if I don’t get the cow. I am relieved that you have been cursed. Gajapati said that he would now go home and live a happy life without anyone. The thief also fled the scene. Pandit went to Gajapati’s house to cheer the cow.
At the same time, the two thieves took the cow and went to the zamindar of the town, saying, “Sir, my boss is sick. It was later revealed that the Zamindar was the greenhouse that Gajapati gave. But Gajapati was at the same time saying that a cow was giving a curse. The people of the town smiled at this, and the matter was revealed to the town in a short time. Immediately, the cow that Zamindar Gajapati called and returned to you has returned to me. Keep it to yourself and survive. Zamindar gave the cow to the Gazpati saying that I should not take back what you gave him. But Gajapati looked at the cow and told you how much I had read to you. He left the place, saying that I will not curse you anymore. Seeing this, Zamindar Gajapati was very upset by this nonsense. Gajapati did not seem to be disappointed at last.

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