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There are three types of pomegranate: sweet, sour and astringent. Eating sweet pomegranate fruit gives a lot of energy to the heart and brain. The bile goes away and the cough stops.

The use of sour pomegranate relieves constipation. It is the best medicine for diarrhea. Discharges obstructed urine. Relieves gallstones. Heals ulcers. Cures any type of intestinal ulcer. Eating pomegranate seeds can cause bleeding. Provides excellent relief for scabies.

People who are constantly weakened by the disease can gain weight and gain weight if they eat pomegranate fruit. Gives more strength to throat, chest, lungs, intestines. People who are weak in masculinity can achieve great power by eating pomegranate.

If you eat pomegranate, the hiccups will stop immediately and you will get more thirsty. Eating pomegranate juice with caraway seeds will cure fever. The body cools down. Relieve fever. If you mix honey with pomegranate juice and eat it daily after breakfast, it will improve your health and well-being in a month’s use. Fresh blood will be produced. If the pomegranate flowers are dried and eaten at the rate of one pinch per day, the cough will stop.

Pomegranate juice and adjoining juice given in equal proportions at the rate of 30 ml three times a day for three days is a remedy for diarrhea in women. If you collect 15 ml of pomegranate juice and add a little caraway and eat it regularly, it will be removed by the blood. Relieves root congestion and body heat. Vomiting and fainting will cure the disease.

Take 15 grams of pomegranate flowers and grind it with 25 grams of sugar and eat it at the rate of one teaspoon in the morning and evening. Putting pomegranate flowers on the head will cure headaches and fever.

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