Magic Mangoes – Stories

  Once upon a time, when he was an old man in a beautiful village, he and his wife were living in a rooftop house. From an early age, he learned a magical power, from a young age, with a keen interest in magical powers. He was not greedy with that magical power but he was living well enough to bring the necessary food items for the day. One day, the old man went to a nearby forest and saw the dried up mango tree. Then the leaves, flowers and mango fruits fell down on the mango tree. A young man who saw this from afar thought to the old man that he must somehow learn the magic.

So a young man named Karthik went to the old man’s house and helped them. Solid shop, buying goods, working from the closet to all the work. Within a few days, it was revealed that the grandmother in the house was helping Karthik to learn the magical powers from his grandfather. They were not angry at the thought of it. One day the grandmother’s mind was soaked by the help of Karthik, the grandmother went to her grandfather and asked that this boy help us, so teach him one of your magical powers. The grandfather had nothing to teach but did not know if the magic would work, but said that this was probably due to greed.
The grandmother said that you should learn the magic first, and it doesn’t matter if it works or not. The old man listened to his grandmother and taught a young man named Karthik the magic of drawing mangoes from one of his magical powers. Then he said that I had taught you this magical power and that this magical power would lose its power. Karthik kept the magic and brought the mangoes to the markets and sold them. One day Karthik’s mangoes went to the king of that country. The king said, “Until you sell these mangoes immediately.” The brother asked if it was cold and how you got the resources at this time.
Karthik said, “I brought these mangoes with the power that the state has given me.” The king immediately said that I should see the fate and show me. The king went to the garden near Kartik and uttered magic words in front of the king and sprayed the mantra on the tree and summoned mangoes. It was the only joy for the king who witnessed magical magic. Immediately the king asked who taught you this magic. Kartik broke down the fact that the old man had taught me, irrespective of what the old man said.
The king sent Kartik away from the place without trust. The troubled king went to his house and slept. The next day, as the king was eating mangoes, Karthik summoned her to her garden and asked her to bring mangoes. Even after trying several times to spell out the magic of Kartik’s words, a mango is not welcome. Only then did Karthi know that the old man had violated his word and his magical powers were gone. Forgive me The king told the king that the power I had was gone because I had told you the truth and Karthik went to his house.
From this, we can clearly see that it is better to preserve what one tells us than to reveal it.

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