Magical island – Stories

There was a young man named Madhavan in Kalinga Kooram. He lived alone with his father and mother. Madhavan worked so hard for a day that he could not even eat dinner. Realizing that he could not make money in this town, Madhavan decided to go out and make a lot of money and went out by boat. Then a storm broke out in the sea and Madhavan’s boat sank. But Madhavan somehow managed to get to an island without drowning. There was no human movement on the island. And there were only coconut trees anywhere on the island. So, Madhavan had no choice but to eat coconuts on the island and eat the same three times and survive.

  One day Madhavan climbed a tree to gather coconuts in the tree. Then a surprise awaited him. In the distance a wild boar came flying in the air. Madhavan couldn’t believe his eyes. For a while the wild boar came to the island where Madhavan was. When the pig slept well, Madhavan went over to see how the pig had flown. Madhavan was then spotted with a piglet near the pig. Madhavan took the diamond stone in his hand. After a while the wild boar started to wake up. At that time, he thought that the coconut tree may be in the tree without speaking. Madhavan was in the coconut tree at the time of making eye contact. Only then did he realize that it was a magical powerhouse. Immediately, Madhavan picked up the diamond stone and flew to look around the island. When Madhavan felt something in the middle of the forest, he immediately went to the spot. There an elderly elderly man without two legs was cooking. Madhavan looked at the old man and asked me if I was hungry sir. The old man also gave Madhavan his meals in accordance with his request.

The old man looked at Madhavan and asked him how it came to be a magical island. Moreover, Madhavan told the whole story of the age in his hands. Immediately that old man I’m old. If you give me that magic wand, I’ll give you this magical ax. Whatever you think of it, the ax will go right away and cut down the tree. When Madhavan listened to the gentleman’s hand, he gave him the diamond stick in his hand and bought her an ax with his magical powers. As soon as Madhavan looked at the man with the ax, the ax had split his neck. Soon Madhavan took his stone and his ax and flew to another place. There was an elderly man in the house with two hands and a milk somber on the side. It is a magic wand. How much food to eat in it can give us the impression of hearing. Madhavan threw the ax in his hand at the old man and stole the incident.

  Madhavan flew a little farther into the forest taking the three and Madhavan heard a loud noise. A giant monster was eating a steak with a cloak. And the plot became magical. Madhavan killed the monster with his ax and stole the palace and left the place. Madhavan put the magical items in his hand and went back to his hometown. Then he became the king of the town with the magic items of Madhavan.

One thing we need to know from this. Opportunities are seldom available. Use it right away. It does not matter how or what others become, it is enough that we live.

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