Mother-in-law’s cruel – Stories

 In a village near the town, there was a woman named Bichyayammal. Her husband died of an illness. Two children for bichyam. It had one son as the eldest and one daughter as the youngest. Bachchayammal had an intention to marry someone for his son as he got older. If you go to a nearby house to see the girl, begamyammal. As soon as I went to visit the girl, Bichchayammal got engaged to the wedding. Then the two families were talking for a while, and Bichchayammal asked her what kind of daughter you like. The mother of the girl told me that my daughter likes mango pickles and bread. The bride-to-be, who was standing nearby, was wondering if her aunt would do all this to her after she got married.

  In a few days, Bichchayammal married his girl, as she had already committed to her son. Within four days of arriving home, the woman revealed that her aunt was a huge asylum and a very cruel car. Aunt, son and daughter all three eat the meals. But they will not give anything to the daughter-in-law. Aunty would scold her daughter-in-law anytime. Considering that this was happening on the one hand, another woman in the house was left alone, and Bichiammal decided to marry her daughter. So the bitchyammal kept up with her daughter-in-law to do all the work for marriage. However, she decided that we should only do it because her daughter-in-law likes both mango and pickles.

  The daughter-in-law went to her husband and bought me all the work to make aunt pickles and bread. But she said sadly that they were making bread and pickles without me. It’s okay, though, and I’m eating the little pellets left in the fertilizer. The bitchyam, who got this, decided that she could eat the dough in her mouth so badly that her daughter-in-law could get nothing. But the head of the bitchyammam stuck in it. Although the beggars may call on someone for help, they are unable to call for help as they are stuck in that speech. It’s knowing that everyone in the house was sleeping peacefully. The next morning the maid came and saw the bitchyammala and summoned everyone and saved him.

  Her face was thick and swollen, even though Bichiammal got out of it. In addition, the back pain was so severe that he was unable to move from his chair. Thus the beggaryam would not leave the chair until her daughter’s marriage.

Due to the cruelty of his daughter-in-law, the marriage of the daughter she had grown up with could not be seen. After reading this, enjoy it without any harm.

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