THE GOD’S DEMON (untold story)

Once upon a time a man called Lucifer was born on earth with intense power, Nobody can defeat him without the black magic.Lucifer was one of the twelve Angels in the heaven and the most loved one by the lord Jesus Christ.god gave him all the powers which was nomatch with other angels . Eventhough all the other angels are underrated infront of Lucifer ,they all satisfied with their position and degnity. But the most powerful and prioritized angel, the Lucifer was not satisfied with his powers and he planning to attain the most enriched source of all the powers in the universe. Can you guess what’s the power source was?this energy source of all the powers in the universe was apparently called as the lost secret .

Did you shocked why it was named like that… because the information about the source was kept secret until that day, the day of demons right exactly that day all the secret about this source was lost and along with that the access to that source( which was one-third of the power of the god)was also lost . This was the story known by every other angels but Lucifer was one step ahead of all . What he knows and how he will acquire the ultimate power if he acquired powers then why should he live as a human with these powers..
I will answer all the above questions in the upcoming episodes.

 ~THE GOD’S DEMON(untold story)
 episode 2 coming soon…

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