The golden rain received by the lion – Kids Stories

In the past, there were two brothers, Dinesh and Ganesh, in Anandapuram. And the family had a mother and a wife who was married to Dinesh. Brother Dinesh can no longer feed you because Ganesh is idle without going to work at home. So he told her to go out. Immediately Ganesh picked up his mother and went to the next village. There he put up a hut near the foothills and lived with his mother. They used to go up the hill every day and cut down the trees there and bring the awards to the market and live happily ever after.

  And it was revealed to Ganesh that there was a devil at the top of the hill so that no one would go there for firewood. However, Ganesh had no choice but to go to the top of the hill and cut firewood every day to earn money. One day Ganesh was sitting under a tree eating so that he could eat when he had finished cutting down the tree. Then an idol in the form of a lion spoke to Ganesha. I was so hungry I was told to give me a food item. Ganesh thought it would be a god and put the food he had eaten in the mouth of the lion statue and fed it. The lion also ate and said bring me food to eat tomorrow and you will get the benefit for yourself.

Immediately Ganesh went to his house and asked for the idol of the lion and came home to buy a variety of food items to make and give it to his mother. At first the frightened mother said that it was okay and prepared a lot of food and sent it to Ganesh the next day. Ganesh left all the food he had brought to the idol in his mouth. I finished eating all the food without leaving even a little bit of that idol and put the basket of food I brought near my mouth. I give gold coins. After that basket is full you have to say enough is enough. He said that even if a gold coin falls down without you saying so, misery will happen to you. When Ganesh put the basket in the lion’s mouth, a lot of gold coins were magically coming and falling from it.

After a while the basket was full and Ganesha stopped the golden rain saying that it was enough. Then they took all the gold coins to his house and gave them to their mother, demolished the house they were in, built a huge house and bought the land nearby for money and lived there farming well. In a few days, brother Dinesh heard the news that both brother and mother were living happily. So Dinesh went to Ganesh’s house with his wife to see his brother Ganesh. When Dinesh asked him how he became so big when he saw his brother, Ganesh told him everything that happened without even guessing a bit. Hearing that, Dinesh had a thought in his mind. He decided that if gold was so easy to find, then we should do the same and earn a lot.

Dinesh told you to go to his house and take the idol of that lion telling his wife to do all sorts of things. There he fed the idol all the forts as well as the lion statue and said bring the basket to my wire and I will give you the gold coins. When Dinesh put the basket in the mouth of the idol, the gold coins came and went. The basket was overflowing but Dinesh never said enough. Immediately came the lion’s mouth and this golden rain stopped. When I saw Dinesh, I was saddened by what gold had left me. The lion statue also turned into a gold coin in my mouth. Put your hand up and take it off and again I said I will give you gold coins. Dinesh also put his hand in the mouth of the lion statue without even thinking for a moment and immediately the mouth closed Dinesh could not take his hand from the idol no matter how hard he tried and a lot of gold coins in his womb turned to stone. Dinesh’s wife came to the top of the hill in search of her missing husband. Then she cried when she saw her husband changed and asked in front of the lion statue that my son leave him. The idol also graciously freed Dinesh’s hand. The two ran home to head off from there.

From this we can realize that we should not be greedy and should live well with what we have.

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