The marvelous power of the Marmaid

A young man was walking by the sea in a beautiful village near the sea. At the time, a very large fish was stranded on the beach and unable to go out to sea. To the young man who saw it, it seemed that woe sin must somehow save this fish. So he found a huge crater next to the fish and dumped the fish into the water to help get into the sea. Happily, the young man was walking a short distance to the beach to help the fish. It was as if a woman in the distance was calling to him. The young man walked fast, thinking the girl was calling someone else. He stopped shortly after he heard you say a little while. Then the girl came to the young man, and you saved a little while ago. So our sea king told you to come.

  The young man said, “I don’t even know how to swim. How can I swim with you into the sea?” The woman said, “You do not need to swim. I am a sea maiden sitting on top of me. I am taking you safely to our king.” When the girl went down to sea she became a beautiful sea virgin. The young man climbed on top of the woman and went into the sea to meet the sea king. When you went to meet the sea, the seagull looked at the young man and said to the king of the sea, buy the magic ears that you can hear all the time. The young man met the king. The sea king summoned the illusion he had heard and gave it to him. The young man bought it and went up to the sea. The boy, who had been sitting on the beach for a short time, heard the sound of two hooves on the tree. Then he took his story and asked what the rails were talking about. Both of these lives are fools. They said they had been wasting so many days not knowing that it would turn into gold from a nearby pond.

  Hearing the matter, the young man immediately went to the pool and took the stone, which in a short time turned into gold. He was going to his house to pick up the gold and he was talking to two crows in the tree. Well he heard it speak with illusions. The crows said everyone was worried that the daughter in the ranch had gotten sick but if a snake got stuck on the roof of the house it would save the people of the farm from any disease. The young man immediately went to the rancher’s house. Whatever was asked of the soldiers to cure my daughter’s illness outside the home was written as a gift. Go to the farmer and tell the young man that I am curing your daughter’s disease. If you save it, your daughter will get sick. ”

As the young man said, many people saved the snake and fed it. Immediately the farmer’s daughter got up and returned to her old condition. The farmer was very happy to see this. The farmer also married the young man who saved his daughter’s life. The young man was living with the girl.

We should not expect help from this. Even the help we do not expect to see the benefit will someday come to our benefit.

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