Three boons for duck – Kids Story

 a time there was a beautiful forest duck. The duck always complains about all the organs it gets. One day my feathers were long and my nose small because I didn’t like the clean. It was lamenting that if I were a butterfly, I would look beautiful and live a happy life. One of the magical powerful owls, who had been listening to the duck’s wailing, flew away, saying that the ducks would turn out tomorrow morning just like you thought. Ducks don’t understand anything. Well that’s okay and slept well that night.

So when the duck looked in the morning and saw a beautiful butterfly feather. It immediately turned into a beautiful butterfly with full eyes. The joy of the duck was no more, I flew up, saying that I would be beautiful and attract others. Then a hawk from a distance came near to catch a butterfly. The insect was unable to fly immediately because its wings were so small. However, the butterfly escaped into a nearby bush. Butterflies caught the eye of a frog that was inside the bush for a while. The butterfly caught the attention of everyone, thinking that if the butterfly was beautiful, the frog would catch it and eat it. Butterfly escaped from the frog. The owl came back and asked if you were happy. I don’t like butterfly life and if I were a fish, I would be with them underwater. And it said there would be no drug infestation.
The magical owl left the place, saying that you would change as you thought. The butterfly turned into a beautiful fish under the hood. Unsurprisingly, the fish swims a little farther. After a short journey to the sea, the shark fishes chased and caught the beautiful fish. Now the owl came in the form of fish and asked if you were happy with the fish. Butterfly that became a fish, if I were a lion in the jungle, would be king of other animals. No one can bother me. I’ll be happy too. So I wanted to become a lion. The fish of the jungle turned into a lion after you said that you will become a lion as you wish.
The duck, which turned into a lion, roared in the forest, roaring. When they saw the lion, they hunted the animals and tried to keep the lion in limbo. The sinful owl saved the lion and turned it into a duck again. It was then that the argument got to the point where it felt like we had to connect with how we live, not worrying about how we look. Thank you for teaching me the lesson. When you saw the owl, the owl disappeared into the air.
From this story we can see how it is better to live before others than how we are. If you like this story, share it with your friends through WhatsApp.

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