Three gifts given by the sage – Stories

In the past there was a beautiful village called Sripuram. There, the three brothers lived through many difficulties from an early age. They had only a small house, a little land, and a mango tree. The three of them lived in the market for mangoes in the mango tree. But the money available for selling mangoes was right for the daily cost and the food they ate. A sage came from the Himalayas to the village. Whatever he said, they were talking about sacrifice and he was a very powerful sage. It reached the ears of the three brothers.

Of the three brothers, the first brother took the mangoes and went to meet the sage. The sage took the delicious mangoes that the first brother had brought and gave it to him. With great pleasure, the sage said, “I give you a boon. Ask what you want.” The first brother, Sami, told me that if I had 20 cows, I would survive better. And the sage said, “Let it be.” The sage said there were more than 20 cows as soon as the first brother visited his home.
The second brother went to see the sage, taking the mangoes. There he very kindly offered mangoes to the sage and started asking for a boon to the sage. Swamy said I have land but I could not cultivate the land. He asked me to cultivate the land so that I could make a profit. He gave his second brother a boon that the sage would be. As soon as the second brother visited the house, his land was full of good crops.
Like the first two brothers, the third brother went to see him. As soon as he saw the sage, Swami asked me to get married to you so I can always get your wish but I have not been married for a long time. The sage gave him his gift. When the third brother went home, he saw a woman waiting for him.
The sage gave the three brothers gifts and went back to the Himalayas. With the gift of man, the three brothers have become the richest men. A year later the sage returned to Sripuram. As he approached the town he remembered the three brothers, so he went in disguise like a beggar to see them. The sage asked in disguise that the first brother went home and begged me a little bit. The first brother said angrily, “I can’t give you anything. Get out of this place.” The sage was very angry when he heard that the sage came back with his self-image and said that I would take back the gift you gave him. So that first brother became poor again.
The sage said that the second brother would go home and beg me. The second brother said that this is what the people who are coming to eat are also going to eat. Upon hearing this, the sage became very angry, and the sage came back to his self and took back the gift he gave to his second brother. The property and jewels of the second brother disappeared. It was seven o’clock when the sage went to visit the third sister. So the sage said to the third brother, Sir, I need your companion to help me sleep.
Immediately, the third brother called for the first man to come in and put the meal to the beggar. Then he arranged the accommodation. The sage saw this and came back to his self. The sage went back to the Himalayan mountain after seeing the husband and his wife at a nearby tree. When the third brother and his wife went under the tree, as the sage had said, they got three large pots of gold coins. The third brother was living happily with his wife, the gold coins and giving to the poor people in the town.
From this we can clearly see that if we help the poor and the poor, we can live better.

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