You can earn upto 3 lakhs per month – Tiktok

Tiktok quickly became very popular worldwide. The company has been earning several crores of rupees every month. Some of those who use TickTalk are using it regularly and earning millions. Especially in our Tamil Nadu, 4,60,000 subscribers on YouTube under the name Pana Matta, are earning from 1 lakh to 5 lakh today. The title they took for this was humor. They have already reached such heights by featuring Madurai pearl comedy shows which are already popular on Vijay TV. Madurai Muthu, who owns this comedy, does not get much salary.

How to earn by Tiktok?

Sign up for people’s favorites or your favorite videos to be followed by a video on Tiktok. After you have at least a million followers, bring them to YouTube. Then continue recording videos on Tiktok and YouTube. You will earn good income from it.

You should never stop recording video on Tiktok once you get good income through Youtube. If you turn it off, you lose your YouTube subscribers.

What kind of videos can be recorded on Tiktok?

Video recording can be easily done by cooking it daily.

You can upload your favorite artwork as a sketch and upload it to Tiktok as a video in Fast Forward.

We eat food every day. If you have the ability to eat it fast, you can take it within two to five minutes as a video and record it on TechTalk.

Anyone who is over the age of 18 can easily reply to a porn video on Tiktok but viewing it on YouTube will disable your channel. This will waste your entire effort.

Tiktok can record movie songs or subtitles in specific scenes from a movie. But subscribing to YouTube will not earn you a single rupee. So record what you know on your own. There should be no cinema-related content.

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